Munger Graduate Residences Program

Munger Graduate Residences

In 2013 Charles T. Munger asked a question: What if a diverse group of graduate students came together to envision solutions to the challenges of the future? He pledged to build a space, and two years later the transdisciplinary community of the Munger Graduate Residences was created.

What is transdisciplinary living/learning?

It’s what happens when a sculptor, a nurse, and an engineer talk about renewable energy while they make dinner. It’s what happens when a poet and an environmentalist discuss city planning as they wash the dishes. It’s what happens when passionate learners with a wide range of backgrounds and specialties connect to live, study and think together.

When you live in Munger, you’ll become part of a unique community of thinkers, designers and doers. Through everyday interactions and pMunger program below, you’ll inhabit an environment that asks you to grow, adapt and thrive. You’ll leave here with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that gives you unprecedented preparation for the diverse and rapidly-changing professional world.

Munger’s GO BLUE Program

Throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in free events focused on building community and developing the following skills:

Bridging Diversity

  • Discuss the value of expanding your social network
  • Explore how your work connects to global issues and share your findings 
  • Explain the fundamentals of your academic process and listen as others share theirs

Looking Inward at Your Outlook

  • Discuss soft skills like communication techniques, adaptability skills, decision making, and time management 
  • Examine how you engage with community 
  • Think about your strengths, opportunities for growth and challenges 
  • Learn to recognize and appreciate the strengths, opportunities, and challenges of others

Using the Lens of Lifelong Learning

  • Learn to examine important issues from different viewpoints 
  • Develop a diverse toolbox of problem-solving skills
  • Discuss your strengths and identify places where you can grow

Exploring Your True North

  • Discover the global or social issues you are passionate about 
  • Collaborate with other passionate learners to innovate and explore solutions

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