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  • Faculty/Student Interaction
  • Diverse Community
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Specialized Programs
  • Learning Inside & Outside the Classroom
  • Personal Attention

Michigan Learning Communities (MLCs) draw together a diverse group of students and faculty who share common intellectual interests and goals. These interests include the arts, community service, cutting-edge research, foreign languages, and the health sciences. MLCs combine the personal attention of a small college environment with the unparalleled resources of a large research university. 

In these programs, students not only engage in intellectual, service and social activities with others who share similar interests but will also live with them in a residence hall. Different programs have different requirements and emphasize different types of activities, but all programs are designed to create a supportive and caring learning environment.

Be a part of a friendly, supportive, and intellectually stimulating community while you take advantage of everything Michigan's campus has to offer. Visit the Michigan Learning Community program website for more detailed information.

Application Process

The following MLCs require a separate application. Each application requires different essay questions. The application is available April 3 and must be submitted following the completion of the online University Housing application. Before you complete your application, we encourage you to learn more about the MLCs by reading the program descriptions below and visiting the program websites.

  • Learn which Michigan Learning Communities are right for you by visiting the program websites (links below)
  • Decide to which MLCs you wish to apply.  You can apply to up to two programs.
  • Complete Housing Preferences Application (available April 3).
  • Start the MLC Application (available April 3).
  • Answer the application essay questions for the program(s) of interest.
  • Rank the programs to which you applied in order of your preferences.
  • Submit your MLC application by the deadline (May 8 for housing applications available before May 7; ten days for any available after May 7).
  • Learn about your MLC admissions status via email in early June.
  • Health Sciences Scholars Program

    The Health Sciences Scholars Program is a living/learning community that provides first-year undergraduates with opportunities to explore the issues, opportunities and diversity of professions in the field of health sciences. Students receive support as they transition to life at the University of Michigan as well as the direction needed for pre-health studies.

    Living Arts Program

    The Living Arts Program unites students who are excited about working with their peers and faculty in engineering, the arts, architecture and other fields to explore innovation, creativity and collaboration. Living Arts strives to provide an open, playful environment that encourages students to generate and pursue creative new ideas. The program offers weekly classes and monthly workshops by distinguished faculty and working professionals from the fields of engineering, architecture, visual arts, film, music performance and composition, dance, and theater. In addition, Living Arts provides mentorship by older students and support for Living Arts students to create their own programming and events.

    Lloyd Hall Scholars Program

    The Lloyd Hall Scholars Program is a living/learning program focused on writing and the arts. Students live in a close-knit community with other first- and second-year students. They take small writing and studio arts classes with dedicated faculty and attend events such as photography exhibits, theater performances, live concerts, and poetry slams. The program includes student clubs, guest authors, and workshops in art and creative writing. Students from any academic major are encouraged to develop or stay connected to their creativity, and to reflect on what it means to be a young artist or writer today.

    Michigan Community Scholars Program

    The Michigan Community Scholars Program is for students who are committed to community service, social justice, diversity, and academic study. Through small courses, service projects, social programs and other opportunities, students work to model a community of friendship, responsibility, diversity and much more. MCSP helps to smooth the transition from high school to college and prepares students for leadership roles on campus and in their future careers. Students and faculty participate in student-organized events.

    Michigan Research and Discovery Scholars

    The Michigan Research and Discovery Scholars MRADS (formerly MRC) is a living/learning community for first-year students. Participants enjoy a small, diverse and supportive community and are offered a research partnership with a faculty member in an area of their choosing. MRADS is a residential affiliate of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).

    Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program

    The Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program (WISE RP) is an academically supportive living/learning community for students who are interested in academic majors and careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and/or pre-health. WISE RP participants have access to a number of academic resources and benefits that aid them in their transition to the university. The community is comprised of approximately 110 first-year students, 40 second-year students who serve as Peer Mentors or Program Board Members, and five upper-level undergraduate Resident Advisors.


    The following Michigan Learning Communities do not require a separate Michigan Learning Community Application. Admission is coordinated directly by each of these LSA programs.


    Honors Program

    The Honors Program is a four-year program that provides an especially rich and challenging set of academic offerings to talented and highly motivated students in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Through special courses, intensive faculty contact and thoughtful advising, the Honors Program helps students to identify and pursue their intellectual interests. Students invited into the Honors Program must confirm their acceptance. Students may then apply to live in Honors Housing, although participation in Honors Housing is not required by the Honors Program. Honors students may choose to become members of one of the Michigan Learning Communities listed above, all of which require that students live in a specific residence hall while still participating in the Honors Program.  However, students who apply for residential MLCs on the Housing Application are not eligible to apply for Honors Housing.  If an Honors student applies and is denied admission to a residential MLC, that student will enter the general University Housing placement process.  If eligible, the student may then apply for Honors Housing the following year.

    Residential College

    The Residential College (RC) is a four-year liberal arts program for students who are interested in an interdisciplinary curriculum and who want to combine the atmosphere of a small college with the opportunities of a large campus. This living/learning community accepts an average of 260 students in each incoming fall class. RC students are required to live in the residence hall during their first two years on campus. In small class settings, the RC engages students through creative exploration of the humanities, intensive foreign language study, the visual and performing arts, as well as outreach programs. This community is supported by over 50 faculty, advising and academic services, and is enriched by student groups, performances, language lunch tables, studios and multiple classrooms. RC students are free to pursue any LSA major they choose. The RC seeks to foster a genuine appreciation and lifelong passion for learning and encourages effective and responsible engagement in the world. Students can either indicate the RC on the LSA section of the Common Application, or can express interest in joining the program through direct communicationto the Residential College Admissions Office after being admitted to LSA.  As the Residential College is student self-selecting, if a student is interested in admission to the RC, they are encouraged to begin communicating as soon as possible to secure a space.  You may not apply to the RC through the link provided below.  RC students can also participate in the Honors Program, CSP, Mentorship and UROP.

    If you have specific questions regarding a Michigan Learning Community or your application, please contact the program of interest.


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