Room & Board Rates

  • All residence hall and Northwood III rates include the 150 Block Meal Plan. Students living in a residence hall or Northwood III are required to purchase a meal plan for both Fall and Winter Terms. If you select a meal plan other than the 150 Block Meal Plan, there may be an additional cost.
  • For in-depth descriptions and photo slideshows, view our Room-Type Gallery.
  • Winter housing rates are half of the full year rates listed below.
  • Looking for spring/summer housing rates? Go to Spring/Summer Housing.
Residence Hall Room Type Fall/Winter
Room & Board Rates
Room Type 1$13,230
Single with private bath 
Room Type 2$11,930
Baits single with shared corridor bath  
2-room double with private bath 
2-room triple with private bath 
2-room quad with private bath 
Double in 4-person suite 
Double in 5-person suite 
Oxford 2-room triple with private bath  
Oxford 2-room quad with private bath 
Room Type 3$11,202
Double with private bath 
Baits single in three-person suite  
Triple in five-person suite 
Triple with private bath 
Two-room double  
NW III single in three-person suite with shared bath 
Room Type 4$9,996
Baits double with shared corridor bath  
Baits double with shared bath  
Baits double in three-person suite  
Baits two-room double with shared bath  
Large triple 
2-room triple 
Large quad 
Oxford large double  
NW III double in three-person suite 
NW III 2-room double with shared bath 
Room Type 5$8,838
Fletcher two-room triple  

Northwood I & II Apartments

Meal plans are optional for upper-level undergrads in Northwood I & II and are not included in the rates shown below. The selection of a meal plan will affect your actual room and board cost.

Apartment Types
Apartment Rate 2 $8,004
1 Bedroom, 1 Occupant
Apartment Rate 3 $7,276
Economy 1 Bedroom, 1 Occupant, Lower/Upper
Studio, 1 Occupant
2 Bedroom, 2 Occupants
Apartment Rate 9 $5,832
1 Bedroom, 2 Occupants

The University of Michigan Board of Regents approves final room and board rates in the spring of each year. These rates are posted on our website as soon as they become available.

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