Frequently Asked Questions - Meal Plans, Blue Bucks & Dining Dollars

A meal plan includes a set number of meals (block plans) or an unlimited number of meals (unlimited plans) each term. In addition, each plan includes a specified amount of Dining Dollars. Meal plan balance information is electronically loaded onto the student's Mcard. Whenever the card is used, the student's meal plan account balance is automatically debited. Learn more about Meal Plans.

Students can select a meal plan when they receive their contract. You can change your meal plan choice during the first two weeks of each term. There is no time limit to upgrade your plan—you can do that anytime during the semester.

Yes. We use per-term pricing because student dining needs and habits change over time. This allows you to choose the best possible plan for each term.

The Basic Plan; however, we advise a consultation with Financial Aid to determine the specifics for the given scholarship.

Yes. Students may change meal plans during the first two weeks of each term when they have a better sense of their dining needs and habits. Learn how.

And if a student decides to upgrade their plan, they can do that any time during the semester.

Because our residential dining halls feature "all you care to eat" dining, when students enter the dining hall, they are charged for a full meal, so the cost of a beverage is the same as that of a four-course meal with two or three helpings. Unless you opt for an Unlimited Meal Plan, a more cost-efficient choice when making small purchases is to choose Dining Dollars or Blue Bucks at the residential cafés or Union eateries.

Unused meals and Dining Dollars transfer from fall to winter meal plans as long as a winter meal plan is retained. At the end of the winter term, unused meals and Dining Dollars are forfeited. Guest Meals and To-Go Meals expire at the end of each term.

Yes, purchases can be made with cash, Blue Bucks, and Dining Dollars.

Blue Bucks left in your account will automatically carry over from term to term. You may request that your remaining balance be credited back to your Student Account by contacting

Learn more about Blue Bucks and Dining Dollars.

A secure online site is used for all meal plan account management. Click the "Students and Staff Login" link at the upper-left corner of the MyPlan page. A U-M uniqname and password are required to log in. There, students can check their account balances, change meal plans, and add Blue Bucks to their account.

You can visit the MyPlan page 24/7 or visit one of our MyPlan service centers:

  • Mcard Center-Central Campus, 1011 Student Activities Building, Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM, Mon-Fri, contact 734.763.4632
  • Mcard Center-North Campus, Room B430, Hours: 12:30-4 PM, Mon-Fri, contact 734.763.6294

Up to ten guest logins can be added to one Blue Bucks account. You can create a guest account for family members or others by logging into your account on MyPlan and selecting "Grant Additional Access" in the left menu. Click the "Add" button under the table. Enter the email address, then select guest access options. Finally, click the "Add" button under the Actions header to save the guest email address. A confirmation email will automatically be sent to that address. Those with access are able to check balances and add Blue Bucks to the account. 

You can change your MyPlan Family or Guest Account password by choosing "Change Guest Password" from the left menu.

If your friend or family member is not receiving their confirmation email from MyPlan, it may have been blocked by their spam filter. Ask them to check their junk mailbox. In the future, add and to the accepted list to avoid these problems.

The owner (student) of the MyPlan account can send a new password by removing your email address from the "Grant Additional Access" menu and readding it. You will receive another confirmation email with another automatically-generated password.

The Low Balance Warning is a MyPlan feature that sends an email alert when Blue Bucks and Dining Dollars are running low. To receive these alerts, click the "Low Balance Warning" link in the left menu. Choose the accounts and set minimum balances that will trigger an alert. Enter the email address or addresses to which you would like alerts sent, and click "Save". You will receive an email from MyPlan about your low balance each day until you either replenish your funds or cancel your request for notification.

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