Living at Michigan. -- Building on Tradition.


Living at Michigan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And while memories of classrooms may fade over the years, our residents never forget their dorm days.

Your Housing Gift

The early college years are a time when students grow into young adults and everything we do in University Housing is designed to help ease and encourage that transition. While the hard work of learning consumes our students’ days, during the off hours, we provide residential programming and resources that invite community, provide leadership opportunities, offer mentoring and guidance, and encourage personal development.

Are you, your student or even a parent among the nearly half-million students who have experienced the unique privilege of “Living at Michigan?” We welcome your financial partnership. Please consider the giving opportunities below and help us build on this Michigan tradition.

Capital Improvements

As you can imagine, the years take a toll on our living spaces. At the same time, as a world-class university, we must respond to rapidly changing technology needs, even in our residence halls. We are now in the midst of a multi-year program to restore all University Housing properties to their original Michigan glory. For an idea of how these improvements are impacting students’ lives, please take a moment to view the video below.

Your gift will help:

  • Fund the capital improvements that make our living spaces the state-of-the-art places students needs for academic excellence;
  • Cover the cost of emergency repairs; and
  • Preserve our historic buildings.

Mentoring and Guidance

Each residential facility at Michigan plays an important role in helping our youngest and most vulnerable students feel at home, even on our city-sized campus. Our halls and corridors provide smaller, more navigable communities and neighborhoods. And our 400+ live-in staff members offer direction, support, mentorship and guidance. We also offer 1:1 advising, educational programs, community building events and social activities to help students get to know one another.

Your gift will be used to:

  • Defray the room and board costs for live-in Resident Advisors who play a key role in building community in the residence halls;
  • Fund training for residential staff in the most effective ways to encourage, support and advise residents;
  • Support theme communities that help students connect with and learn from students with shared interests; and
  • Maintain our student-focused community centers.



Perhaps our highest calling in University Housing it to promote social justice and cross-cultural understanding where it matters the most: in the residential community.

Your gift will help:

  • Cover room and board expenses for our live-in Diversity Peer Educators;
  • Train residential staff in encouraging cross-cultural understanding in the residential setting;
  • Support programs that promote social justice;
  • Fund our in-hall multicultural councils; and
  • Maintain one or more of our named multicultural lounges.



As a world-class university, it is imperative that our students have any-time access to the Internet as well as the computing resources needed to study in their “homes.” Our in-hall Community Learning Centers (CLCs) serve as hubs for academic pursuits.

Your gift will help:

  • Equip each hall with computers, software and learning technology;
  • Sponsor the student staff members who provide peer academic support; and
  • Maintain our Community Learning Centers.



While learning fuels the imagination, nutritious foods fuel the student body. Our dining halls and residential cafes are convenient ways for our students to get the healthy foods they need to keep learning and growing.

Your gift will help:

  • Provide nutrition training and services;
  • Develop and maintain Information systems that help students plan for and make healthy food choices; and
  • Support 1:1 counseling for students with food allergies or special diets.

Please Give Generously

Since the opening of our first hall in 1915, tens of thousands of students have shared in the legacy of Living at Michigan. The residential experience is part of our Michigan heritage and a treasured tradition for virtually every Wolverine. Your gift, whether large or small, will help us continue this legacy for the tens of thousands of students yet to come.

To speak to us about giving opportunities please contact:

Matt Burrows
Senior Director, Parent & Family Giving and Student Life
(734) 647-1940

Heidi Kirby
Associate Director, Student Life
(734) 615-5159

Kyle Nowels
Assistant Director, Student Life
(734) 763-2855

Pam Drake
Senior Development Assistant, Parent & Family Giving and Student Life
(734) 647-7309


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University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

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