Move-In: Undergraduates


Use #moveinhoMe for live updates all during move-in:traffic info, navigation tips, event details, and sage wisdom!

Congratulations, you'll soon be living at Michigan! 

Your Fall Move-In Checklist


Your assignment (or your future roommate's assignment) may not yet be processed and we may not be able to provide you with your personalized information at this time. Please check back throughout August — information may be updated any time before move-in.

If you need help with your uniqname or password, go to the ITS Service Center.

Your assignment and roommate information will appear as a link just above your contract.  It will look something like this:  

  • Room: South Quadrangle 7313 Thronson House (8/31/2018 - 5/3/2019)

Your unloading permit will be provided in the form of an Adobe Acrobat PDF. Adobe Acrobat viewer is required. If you do not have this software, you can download it from Adobe's website.


When do you move in?

General move-in for all undergraduates is Wednesday, August 29 through Friday, August 31.  Beginning in early August, students will be able to choose from available move-in time slots for general move-in.

If you are part of a program that requires you to be on campus earlier, contact the program's coordinator directly to find out the arrival plan for your group.

For general move-in, print and bring your unloading permit with you to campus.  Be sure to arrive during the hour designated by your move-in timeslot printed on your permit.  You are welcome to arrive any time during the hour timeslot - there is no advantage to arriving at the top of the hour.  Your permit, if displayed, entitles you to park in a designated unloading zone near your residence hall or Northwood apartment for up to 30 minutes.

Please note that parking regulations are strictly enforced on campus and throughout the city of Ann Arbor.

How long will it take?


Budget 30 minutes for unloading your vehicle and checking in (unpacking can come afterwards). If you come Wednesday, Thursday or Friday teams of our marvelous MLead volunteers will be on hand to help assist you with move-in!

Checking in and getting your key

Residence Halls: when you arrive on campus, go to your hall’s Community Center to check in, pick up your key, and receive directions to your room.

Northwood III: go to the Community Center at 2150 Cram Place to check in. If you are taking a cab or shuttle to the Cram Place Community Center, ask the driver to wait for you while you pick up your room key, then you can be dropped off near your assigned apartment.

Pre-Check-In Form

Filling out your Pre-Check-In Form before you come to campus will save you time and hassle when you arrive at your building.

Temporary parking

After you’ve unloaded, we will direct you to where you can park your car temporarily while you unpack and arrange your room. The temporary parking areas are typically a few blocks away, and can accommodate you for three hours.

Shipping and Storage

Residence Halls

Trunks or boxes should arrive no sooner than one to two days before you do. Your residence hall will designate an on-site location and specific hours for package pick up.

Northwood III

Due to space limitations, the Community Center at Cram Place cannot accept deliveries or store items for residents during Move-In. If you plan to ship items, schedule them to arrive after you move into your apartment so you can personally accept the package/s. We don’t recommend shipping to your Northwood address apartment address prior to your arrival because your packages will not be secure if left at the door by the delivery person.

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For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164