Munger Graduate Residences Space Reservation Policy

Munger Graduate Residences intential is to support the community development of the graduate student residential community with a focus on a robust transdisciplinary culture and community. Therefore, use of Munger common and reservable spaces must support the needs of the Munger residential community.

Reservation Policies

Reservation requests must be made at least five full business days in advance of the date of the proposed event. Submitting a request does not guarantee that the event will be approved.

For the safety of the Munger residents in their home: 

  • Residents of the building in which the event is held and their personally invited, escorted guests are the only people in attendance. 
  • Non-residents are to be personally invited guests of a resident and must be escorted by the resident at all times.

In support of academic success, reservations will be considered most times of the year other than during the final weeks of each semester when the priority will be to provide study spaces for Munger residents.

Regularly scheduled events (e.g., weekly meetings) are not permitted in order that spaces are available to meet the needs of all residents in their community.

Within Munger Graduate Residences, all Community Living at Michigan (CLAM) standards apply to space and activity. Please visit the CLAM website for more information.

All food and beverage will be catered by Michigan Dining.

Reservable Room Descriptions

Multipurpose Room (G120)

A flexible space with chairs and tables in a classroom-type set-up that accommodates groups of up to 50. This space has projection and audio-playback, and can be easily set up as a classroom or meeting space.

Fellow's Lounge (8048)

A more formal space with several large tables, along with soft seating. Seats for 36 people around 6 long tables, 8 chairs around round tables and assorted soft seating for 21. Small side meeting room for approximately 10 people.

Screening Room/Media Room (G039)

Theater set-up with seating for approximately 40 people. Large projection screen with projector and 5.2 surround sound.

Note that any room in the residence hall that is not within an apartment in the building is considered public space and the showing of movies is ruled by copyright laws.  For more about permission rules please visit this U-M website. This site states that many audiovisual works contain "layers" of copyrights and other rights that may be controlled by separate rights holders. In some cases, (e.g., when you obtain a public performance license from a licensor such as Criterion or Swank) the licensor provides all the rights you need. In other cases, a single licensor may not be able to provide all the rights you need. For example, in some cases, a studio may not be able to license the background music in a film clip."

South Commons

Open lounge with mixed cluster seating and high top set down tables with power nodes. The lounge is surrounded by glass with a great view to the East and South of Ann Arbor. The lounge has a fire safety limit of 140 people, standing room capacity.

The reservable spaces are requested through this online form:

Event Setup and Cleanup

We expect that the room will be left clean after your event and that the furniture will be returned to the original arrangement.  Charges could be assessed in the case of damages, loss of Munger property, or if excessive cleaning is needed.


University Housing reserves the right to bar groups that practice or promote harassment on the basis of race, sex, color, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, religion, age, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, disability or veteran status.


University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164