Munger Graduate Residences- Repairs, Maintenance and Cleaning


What You Can Do

Munger residents are responsible for the initial handling of these common maintenance problems:

  • Plunging clogged toilets. A plunger is provided in all units. Unclogging garbage disposals. 
  • Residents will find a wrench and instruction card under the kitchen sink.

If your efforts to resolve these problems are not successful, please submit a service request to FIXIT. For emergencies, call the Plant Operations Call Center at 734-647-2059. For any problems in your apartment at move-in please send us a FIXIT. Other concerns such as lock-outs, and questions concerning programs and services should be directed to the Munger Community Center during regular business hours.

What We Do

Housing Facilities is responsible to maintain the building —If it’s broken, we FIXIT! We do not want you to live with a problem. Please contact us at FIXIT. For emergencies, we have mechanics available 24/7. Non-emergencies will be responded to during regular business hours; our goal is to respond within 24 hours. It is advisable to let your suitemates know that you have contacted FIXIT so they are not surprised when we enter the apartment.


What You Can do

Munger apartments and individual bedrooms are cleaned by the residents. A suitemate agreement is available to assist in determining how each suitemate’s needs can be met. It also includes a list of cleaning steps that can be shared and allocated. You can find information about what clean looks like here. The suitemate agreement should be revisited on a regular basis as a check-in to see if any expectations need to be revisited. New suitemate agreements should be created as suitemates transition in and out of the suite.

What We Do

Housing Facilities will clean the common spaces of your apartment once a year. Residents of each suite will have the opportunity to work together and schedule a date and time for cleaning that best suits all of them.

Entering Your Apartment Suite

Munger Graduate Residences is a large and complex building. In order to appropriately and safely maintain it, there are times when we need to enter your suite and your individual bedroom/bathroom. We will always notify you upfront for planned access and will leave a service notice. The following are reasons and time of year when we will enter your apartment:

  • Exterior Window Cleaning (Floors 4-7) – summer 
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning – Summer 
  • Fire Alarm System Testing (requires some audible testing) – summer 
  • Bedroom Lock Battery Replacement (every other year)
  • Apartment Lock Battery Replacement (annually) 
  • Health and Safety Inspections (semi-annually for maintenance concerns and safety) – summer and winter
  • When a suitemate has moved out and a new suitemate is anticipated, the apartment and individual bedroom and bath are entered at least three times, more if problems are found. This can occur any time of year.
    • Bedroom/Bathroom Cleaning
    • Bedroom/Bathroom Preventative
    • Bedroom/Bathroom Inspection (housing verification

If we can combine visits, we will. However we utilize different contractors or staff members to do certain things.

Heat – a Quick Guide to Your Bedroom Heating and Cooling System

This building has been designed to achieve superior energy usage performance - 30% better than a code-compliant building – which is part of our LEED Silver certification. To deliver that result, each apartment bedroom has a thermostat programmed by the university to optimize energy savings while still maintaining good thermal comfort.

The heating and cooling system is designed to maintain the room at no less than 72F and no more than 75F, although there may be some variation outside this range as the system compensates for heating and cooling load changes.

Depending upon the actual heating or cooling load in a room at any given time (number of people in the room, amount of equipment operating) the heating/cooling system may be able to keep the room warmer than 75F and cooler than 72F, based on the thermostat setting. However, the fact that the thermostat can be adjusted outside these ranges does not mean that the heating/cooling system can deliver those set points at all times.

The thermostat in each bedroom has an integral temperature sensor which senses Room Temperature (RT). Based on the RT, the thermostat is capable of sending outputs to the heating and cooling water valves located within each chilled beam housing. These valves control the flow of cooling and heating water through the chilled beam coils. You may hear this water flowing throughout the system.

** The override button on the thermostat is non-functional by design. Pressing it will have no response on the thermostat.**

It is important to understand that the bedrooms are not intended to be cooled below 71F in the summer nor heated to greater than 76F during the winter. This climate control system design is intended to strike a balance between optimizing energy savings and achieving good thermal comfort for the residents.

Pest Control

If you spot an insect or other pests in your room or hall, please call us immediately at 734-647-2059. Learn more about pest control.


Residents should contact the university’s IT help desk at for data line troubleshooting and repairs.

Still need assistance?

Call on us for issues related to exterior property, plumbing issues, etc. by using the FIXIT


The Kitchen

  • Sweep floors 
  • Remove unwanted food from the refrigerator & clear space for incoming suitemate 
  • Wipe down shelves in the refrigerator 
  • Clean stoves, oven, countertops, and backsplash 
  • Clear countertop and cabinet space for incoming suitemate

clean dining room clean dining room

Living Area & Bathroom

  • Sweep and vacuum floors 
  • Vacuum furniture 
  • Clear bookshelf space for incoming suitemate 
  • Clean sink, toilet, and shower thoroughly

clean dining room clean dining room

Thank you for helping ensure continuing and new residents have a positive experience moving into Munger.

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164