Northwood I - V Parking and Permits

Northwood I - V residents with proof of vehicle registration may purchase parking permits at move-in or anytime thereafter.

What You Need to Know

  • Northwood I - V permits are NOT pro-rated.  If you anticipate moving out before your contract end date, a temporary permit may be a better option (see 'Temporary/Borrowed vehicles' below).
  • If you are the only person listed on your contract, you are eligible for one annual permit.  If you already have an annual permit, you may not add a borrowed vehicle permit.  If others are listed on your contract, you are eligible for an annual permit for each licensed driver, and these can be a mix of annual or borrowed vehicle permits.  
  • There are marked visitor spaces in most lots, allowing free parking for a designated amount of time. Visitors must park in the designated spaces within the designated time period. Parking anywhere else requires having a permit. If no visitor spaces are available, residents can purchase a temporary permit at their Community Center; see the "Guest Permits" section below.  If you have a temporary or annual permit, do not park in the visitor spaces because the time limit applies to any vehicle, with permit or without.
  • All vehicles must have current license plates, and proof of vehicle registration (no photos of registration accepted) is required for annual permits. The registration must meet one of the following criteria to receive the annual permit: (1) Registration matches contract holder/partner's name; (2) Last name on registration matches last name of contract holder, i.e. parents; (3) Registration address matches permanent address as listed in our records; (4) Registration address matches address on driver's license. If none of the above criteria are met, the vehicle is not eligible for the annual permit - this covers most borrowed vehicles. Borrowed vehicles will be provided for by temporary permits (see 'Temporary/Borrowed Vehicles' below).
  • Permits are assigned for a specific lot, however, the permit does not guarantee that a space will always be available in that lot. 
  • All vehicles displaying Northwood permits must be in operable condition (i.e., no flat tires, not sitting on blocks, etc.).
  • Motor homes, trailers and boats are not permitted in University Housing parking lots.
  • It is a violation of the University policy to drive or park in areas not designated for parking (grass, sidewalks, etc.). 
  • All 2017-18 Northwood permits expire June 30, 2018 or on your move-out date, whichever is sooner. Annual permits are not pro-rated. When you move-out please return your parking sticker and return it to your Community Center (2150 Cram Place for Northwood I, II and III; 1000 McIntyre for Northwood IV and V) when you turn in your apartment keys. After you move out, your eligibility to use NW lots is void. Parking in NW lots after move-out will subject you to ticketing even with a current permit.
  • It is a contract violation to sell your parking permit.

NCA Parking Fees

Permit TypeFee
Primary Permit$76.50
Replacement Permit (w/ old permit)$5
Guest Permit$1 per day
Temporary/Borrowed Vehicles$2.50 per week
Effective July 15, 2017.
Note: Parking permit fees are assessed to resident's student accounts.

Temporary/Borrowed Vehicles

Temporary vehicles (rented or loaned) are required to have a temporary permit. These permits are available at the Community Center with proper documentation. Residents with long-term borrowed vehicles need to show proof of vehicle registration. If the registration does not match resident info or parent/legal guardian info, the permit must be approved by the Community Center Manager. Residents selling or acquiring a vehicle are eligible for a temporary vehicle permit at a cost of $5 for two weeks, for a maximum of 30 days- after that time the vehicle being sold must be moved out of Northwood lots. We are required to write the license plate number on every temporary permit. Temporary permits of any kind should be hung from the rearview mirror.

Guest Permits

Guest permits are available at the Community Center and follow the guest policy stated in the Community Living at Michigan contract addendum as follows:

  • Family residents- up to four weeks in a six-month period.
  • Single graduate residents in shared apartments- up to seven nights per month.
  • Single undergraduate residents- up to a maximum three-day stay, with consent of roommate/s.
  • Guest permits cost $1/day and will be assessed to the resident's University account.

Replacement Permits

Replacement permits are available for residents selling old vehicles or acquiring new ones. If the old permit is returned, the cost of the replacement permit is $5. If the old permit is not returned, the cost of the replacement permit is the full cost of an annual standard permit fee.


Motorcycles and Mopeds may park without charge or permit in areas designated "Motorcycles Only". 

Motorcycles and Mopeds are not permitted to park in regular vehicle parking spaces.

Parking Policies

University Housing's surface parking lots are for use by permit holders, only for the duration of their current Housing contract. Parking is allowed in designated spaces only. Vehicles must be maintained in good working order while parked in a University Housing lot. The Department of Public Safety patrols all Housing parking areas and may ticket any vehicle that appears to be abandoned.

University ordinance indicates that a vehicle should not remain in the same parking spot for more than 48 hours. Any vehicle that has not been moved in over 48 hours is subject to ticketing and may be impounded as abandoned.

All permits must be attached to the interior lower left (driver's side) corner of the front windshield and must be in plain view at all times.

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for enforcement of the University ordinance dealing with on-campus parking. Parking or driving vehicles off roadways or on sidewalks or grass is strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to vehicle impoundment and will be held responsible for any damages incurred.

All vehicles must be currently registered according to appropriate State law and properly display license and license tabs. In addition, residents are required by law to maintain insurance coverage on any vehicle parking in University Housing parking lots. The University and University Housing assume no liability for theft, damage or other loss to a vehicle parking in University-owned and operated parking lots.

Selling your permit(s) to other people, duplicating your permit, or obtaining a permit for a vehicle not owned or operated exclusively by you is a contract violation and could result in loss of parking privileges or contract termination.

Residents violating any of the above stated policies or any other policies outlined in Community Living at Michigan may face penalties including but not limited to loss of parking privileges without reimbursement and/or criminal penalties where applicable.

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164