Adelia Cheever Program

The Adelia Cheever Program is a theme community focused on preparing women for leadership in a global society. Cheever combines in-hall workshops with service learning to promote understanding and respect of cultural differences, knowledge of international perspective and exploration of global issues.

Student-run committees offer leadership experience and encourage participants to initiate activities that interest them. The Program includes a number of opportunities for community building, leadership and personal growth:

  • Bi-weekly “Cheever Chats” include discussions, workshops and speakers.
  • Student-run themes range from culture days and current event discussions to international movie nights.
  • Community service projects take place in both local and global venues.
  • Peer Mentors help first-year students with the transition to University life.
  • Collaborations with Cheever alumnae.
  • Participation in the hall and multicultural councils.
  • Serving on or leading a Cheever student committee.

Students admitted to the Cheever Theme will be assigned rooms in the Helen Newberry Residence.

Theme History

The Adelia Cheever Program is rooted in the traditions and values of Adelia Cheever House, a former University cooperative for women. Cheever House opened in 1921 and became a lasting legacy to Adelia and Noah Cheever, Ann Arbor residents who were well known for their generosity to U-M students. Cheever House offered women a beautiful and supportive living environment, as well as financial assistance in exchange for sharing household responsibilities. Later residents also became eligible for scholarships funded by Cheever House alumnae and friends.

Although Cheever is no longer a co-op, residents may still receive scholarships based on financial need, academic goals and participation in Cheever activities. Cheever also continues to foster an environment that can cultivate lifelong friendships while teaching and learning from one another.

Theme Expectations

Students participate in the following Cheever activities: 

  • All Cheever Chats (Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8pm) during the academic year.
  • Program and services directly implemented or sponsored by the Adelia Cheever Program.
  • Active membership on one Cheever committee.

In addition, all returning Cheever women are expected to serve as Peer Mentors for incoming first-year women.


The Cheever Theme is open to first-year students from all University of Michigan Schools and Colleges living in Helen Newberry House. Participants should have a strong desire to live, work and learn with women of diverse backgrounds and cultures from around the world.


Scholarships are awarded annually to Program residents who wish to return for a consecutive year. The amounts awarded depend on the number of qualified applicants and available funds. Award recipients are selected based on an interview with the Cheever Society alumnae, academic achievement and goals, financial need and level of participation in the Cheever Theme.

Scholarship application materials are available during Winter Semester; interviews are typically conducted in March; and awards are announced in April. Once accepted, a Cheever Scholarship is disbursed via the recipient's Student Business Account in two equal installments over Fall and Winter Terms. The award may be applied to U-M tuition, room and/or board fees.

Adelia Cheever Theme scholarships are awarded from the Edwin C. Goddard, Mary A. and Mary B. Goddard, A. B. Martin and B. W. Hemenway bequests to the University of Michigan. These bequests were specifically established to assist Cheever residents. The Adelia Cheever Board of Patronesses, which consists of Cheever alumnae, seeks to honor the wishes of the benefactors who established the original Cheever House and its scholarships and is authorized to determine award recipients.

For additional information, contact the Adelia Cheever Program.

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