International Impact

North Quad residents are citizens of the residential theme community: International Impact. Designed for second-year students and above, the goals of the program are to advance students’ knowledge and appreciation of our diverse multicultural world and to provide unique opportunities for connections across disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

With access to North Quad’s expansive resources, North Quad students are part of a vibrant environment in which formal and informal learning immerse students in experiences with international perspectives and ideas.

As a member of International Impact, you will be encouraged to:

  • Actively participate in events on global issues. These events include monthly floor gatherings, hall-wide International Impact programs, as well as events hosted by the Global Scholars Program and Max Kade German Residence.
  • Run for a position on the North Quad Council or Multicultural Council.
  • Develop critical, reflective, and empathetic perspectives on difference; build meaningful cross-cultural relationships; and embrace social responsibility and civic participation as they pertain to our global world.
  • Raise the hall community's awareness about a global issue you are passionate about or attend an event to discover your interests.
  • Start a campaign to mobilize resources or effect change on a global issue. 

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