Winter Term Projected Withdrawal

All residents who know they will not be returning to the University as an enrolled U-M student for Winter Term should submit this online Projected Withdrawal Notice by mid-November, if possible. 

Do not fill out this form if you are returning to the University for the winter term as an enrolled U-M student and wish to request termination of your contract. Currently enrolled students are held financially responsible for their signed contracts. Please follow the regular procedure for contract termination or reassignment if you will continue to be an enrolled U-M student.


Please complete this form fully and if you have questions related to leaving University Housing, please contact the Housing Information Office. 

Personal Information
Use the format of (740) 587-0123.
Campus Information
Provide your room number and house name (if your residence hall is divided into houses).
Forwarding Address

Reason For Withdrawing
Please indicate the date you will be vacating University Housing. This date must be on or before DECEMBER 21, 2017 (when the residence halls close).
If you selected 'University Sponsored Internship Program' or 'Term or Year Abroad' as your reason for withdrawing, please provide your program or University's name.

Disclosure Agreement: *

By submitting this online Undergraduate Projected Withdrawal Notice, I realize that if my contract is not terminated because of the above stated reason(s), I will be reassigned to another space in a residence hall or Northwood apartment and held responsible for the new space assigned to me.

Also note that this online Undergraduate Projected Withdrawal Notice does not automatically withdraw you from your school or college. You must complete academic unit procedures if you will not be attending U-M next term.

You will not receive a formal approval for termination - this agreement serves as the approval.

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164