Repairs & Maintenance--Northwood Community Apartments

What You Can Do

Northwood residents are responsible for the initial handling of these common maintenance problems:

  • Lighting pilot lights on the kitchen stove or oven. A pilot igniter is available in all units.
  • Plunging clogged toilets. A plunger is provided in all units.
  • Unclogging garbage disposals. Residents will find a wrench and instruction card under the kitchen sink.
  • Replacing burned-out light bulbs (refrigerator, stove, or ceiling).

If your efforts to resolve these problems are not successful, please submit a service request to FIXIT(online FIXIT system.) For emergencies, call the Plant Operations Call Center at 734-647-2059. Please note that turning in your apartment condition inventory sheet does not constitute notification to our maintenance staff of a problem.  For any problems in your apartment at move-in please send us a FIXIT(online FIXIT system.)

For grounds, appliances, or snow removal problems, please reach out to the Plant Operations Call Center at 734-647-2059. Other concerns such as the condition of furniture,parking issues, lock-outs, cable TV, and questions concerning programs and services should be directed to the Northwood Community Center during regular business hours.


Electrical System

Some electrical outlets are controlled by wall switches. If an outlet does not appear to work, make sure the plug is securely in the electrical socket then turn on the wall switch. If the outlet still does not work, check the circuit breaker panel. If a circuit breaker is off and you can switch it on, the circuit is working. When a circuit breaker cannot be switched to the on position, the circuit may be overloaded. Unplug some appliances and try the breaker again. If the problem persists contact FIXIT(online FIXIT system.)


Circuit breaker panel locations include:

 Northwood I

• Efficiencies: walk-in closet
• One-bedroom: hall closet
• Two-bedroom: the cabinet above the washer/dryer space

Northwood II

• One-bedroom: kitchen closet
• One-bedroom Economy: walk-in closet
• Two-bedroom: first floor closet


Northwood IV & V

• Basement


Northwood I and II

These apartments are equipped with radiators. The centralized boilers that provide heat to the apartments are turned on in mid October after several nights of consistently cold temperatures. To allow maximum heat circulation, keep areas around heating units clear of obstructions and clean the radiators regularly. In most apartments, slight individual adjustments may be made using a control valve.

Northwood IV and V

These apartments are equipped with individual furnaces and adjustable thermostats. Residents are encouraged to dress warmly as this equipment is designed to function optimally at temperatures between 65 and 75°F (18 to 24°C). Keep floor vents clean and clear of obstructions for maximum efficiency.

Thermostats are calibrated for a maximum temperature setting of 75°F (24°C). Overriding or tampering with the thermostats creates a potentially serious hazard and is a violation of your University Housing contract. To save energy, the University recommends that thermostats be lowered to 63°F (17°C) at night when everyone is sleeping and to 60°F when the apartment is unoccupied. Please do not set thermostats below 55°F during the heating season as this could cause water lines to freeze. 

Pest Control

If you spot an insect or other pest in your room or hall, please call us immediately at 734-647-2059. Learn more about pest control.

Data Lines

Residents should contact the University’s Information Technology Communications Services (ITCom) for data line troubleshooting and repairs. Visit the ITCom website to learn more. 

Still need assistance?

Call on us for issues related to exterior property and parking lot upkeep, plumbing issues, etc. by using the FIXIT(online FIXIT system.)


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