Community Learning Centers & Sites

Community Learning Centers (CLCs) provide a "community commons" environment in each residence hall. These comfortable spaces are reserved primarily for student study and are conducive to both individual study and group work. In addition, select academic programs and services are presented in the CLCs during the fall and winter semesters.

Each CLC is equipped with computer workstations so residents may access the wide range of digital resources on campus. Visit the ITS Campus Computing Sites webpage for a list of software available. Students are also able to print to our CLCs and Sites using MPrint.


Hall Community Learning Center LocationFeatures
Alice LloydFrom the main entrance (south side of building), go straight down the corridor past the Community Center. The CLC is located on the right.
Baits HousesIn Coman House, facing the Community Center, walk left to the stairs. Go down a half-flight, and the CLC is on the right (in Room 1000).
BursleyEntering from main (Duffield) entrance, facing the Community Center, turn right (east) and head down large hallway; the first room (2322) on the right.
Bursley AnnexLocated on the east side of the building. Enter through the main lobby, go through the east corridor. Turn left at the end of the corridor. The CLC Annex will be the first door on the right after the East Loading Dock.
CouzensEntering from Ann Street, go down the main staircase. Turn to the right at bottom of stairs and it will be in front of you in room 1211.
East QuadrangleFacing the Community Center, turn left and walk to the stairs or elevator. Go down to the first floor and turn left into the main corridor. Walk down the corridor and the CLC is on the left side of the hall (in Room B331).
  • CAEN Workstations
  • Huddleboard
  • Interactive Display
  • SMART Display
East Quadrangle AnnexLocated at the ground level when entering from East University; room 160.
MarkleyLocated on the fourth floor (main concourse) directly across from the Community Center; room 4011.
  • Adjustable-height Workstation
Mosher-JordanFrom the main entrance (Jordan side), facing the Community Center: follow the staircase (on the right) down to the first floor; turn left to room 181.
NewberryEntering the building from Maynard St, walk up the half-flight of stairs and go through the secondary door; located immediately on your left. 
North QuadrangleTake the Residential Tower elevator to the 3rd floor, exit the elevator lobby and take a right. The CLC will be at the end of the hall in Room 3171.
  • Adjustable-height Workstation
  • CopyCam
  • Group Study Station
  • SMART Display
OxfordLocated in Seeley House, off the main lobby, directly opposite the Community Center; room C110. The CLC is also Oxford's computing site. 
South QuadLocated on the ninth floor; the space is also South Quad's computing site.
  • Adjustable-height Workstation
  • CAEN Workstations
  • Computer Classroom
StockwellFrom the main entrance, facing the Community Center, go down the stairs to the right and the CLC, room 1015, is on the left. 
West QuadrangleLocated on the third floor. From the Community Center, take the stairs up to the third floor, turn left, and the CLC is located on your right. 
West Quadrangle AnnexFacing the community Center, turn left. The Annex is at the end of the hall inside the Lounge.

Computing Sites

Computing sites contain Mac and Windows computers equipped with printing and scanning capabilities. They do not include additional tables, desks or the advanced technologies available in CLCs.

HallComputing Site Location
FletcherOn the first floor of the building. As you enter through Sybil, the site will be the first door on your left.
Helen NewberryLocated in the basement on the east side of the building. Enter from the Maynard side of the building, go downstairs and continue to the end of the corridor.
Mary MarkleyLocated in Room 1036, on the first floor in the central part of the building. Enter from the loading dock and follow the central hallway until it splits off. Turn left. Just before the fire door, turn left and proceed down the hall. The site will be on your right.

For more information, please contact the Director of Community Learning Centers.

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