Move-Out: Undergraduate

Best Wishes
  • Move-out should be completed within 24 hours of your last final exam.
  • During official move-out periods, blue moving tubs will be available for use at the Community Center.
  • Learn about Extended Stays.

If you will not be returning to University Housing, we wish you well. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us and that you will take many wonderful memories with you as you depart.

Please use the following guidelines as you prepare to move out.  In addition, review your hall's closing notice, sent to you from your hall staff, for more specific information.

Residence halls officially close 11:00 am Friday, April 27th 2018. Residents must vacate their buildings by this time.

Meters are being bagged for Move Out. Currently, there are bagged meters on Thompson St., Madison Monroe and Washington Heights. Maynard, Tappan, East U, Washington, E. Ann, Observatory and North U court will be getting bags on Thursday, April 26th.

Your Room

Clean your room and remove all trash to avoid any cleaning fees. And of course, remove all your personal belongings! Please check with your community center and read your building closing newsletter to see if you should bunk your beds before leaving.

Community Centers

Check with your Community Center to see that you are completing all of the processes required to officially check out of your room and residence hall. You will need to check out and return your keys at the Community Center. Please be sure to view the hours of operation for your Community Center.

If you need to move out after the Community Center is closed, you will find "Express Check-Out Packets" available. The packet will have information on how to properly check out when the Community Center is closed in order to avoid any fees.

Room Condition & Damages Charges

Your Room Condition Inventory (RCI) documents any damage to the room that existed prior to your moving in and any damage that may have occurred since you lived in the room. Rooms are inspected for health and safety conditions at the end of each term or whenever the room is vacated. Residents have the right to be present for this inspection and to schedule it before moving out.

A ResStaff member will accompany you to the room to assess the condition of your room. NOTE: ResStaff members only document the condition of the room. Facilities staff will assess the billing for any repairs or items needing replacement.

Student(s) who are responsible for damages to a room, furniture or any part of a residence hall will be billed directly for repairs, missing keys, excessive cleaning, or missing furniture or equipment in May.

End-of-term damage assessment notices are emailed to your address. If you disagree with the charges, you must respond back in writing within ten days. Damage assessments are billed to your student account.

Learn more about damage charges.

Keycard and Mailbox Keys

When you are ready to leave the hall for the last time, please turn in your keycard, and if applicable, your mailbox key at the Community Center.

Mail Service

The U.S. Postal Service will continue to deliver mail to your residence hall after you move out. We encourage you to change your mailing address with credit card and phone companies, news and magazine subscriptions, and other personal and business contacts. It is also important to submit your summer address change directly to the Office of the Registrar via Wolverine Access under “student business” and on the M-Community Directory.

Housing can forward first class mail for 30 days from the date of move out by the resident completing a Mail Forwarding Request. Magazines and newspapers will not be forwarded. Please note that the U.S. Postal Service does not honor forwarding address requests from residence hall students.

Bedloft Refrigerators

Refrigerators should be cleaned and defrosted. Bedloft will retrieve your refrigerators after Move Out.  For more information, please visit vendor

Blue Bucks

Blue Bucks balances automatically roll over from year to year as long as you are enrolled at the University. If you have any questions or want a refund before then, just email us at and your remaining Blue Bucks will be credited to your student account. (Balances of less than $5 are forfeited.)


Bicycles cannot be left in the bike racks over the summer. Abandoned bikes will be collected by the Department of Public Safety and Security and if unclaimed will be disposed of within 30 days. Consider one of the following options:

Ship or Store:

  •  University Housing does not have storage available for bicycles, so plan to remove your bicycle from University property when you move out. To inquire about bicycle shipping or storage, you may wish to contact John's Pack and Ship or a vendor of your choice.


All City of Ann Arbor parking regulations are in force during end-of-term move-out periods.  Note some meters will be bagged.  Meters are being bagged for Move Out.  Currently, there are bagged meters on Thompson St., Madison Monroe and Washington Heights.  Maynard, Tappan, East U, Washington, E. Ann, Observatory, and North U court will be getting bags on Thursday, April 26th.

Please do not leave a vehicle unattended or you may be ticketed or towed.

Property Protection

It is important to keep track of all belongings while moving out. Someone should stay with any possessions you leave in an open room or hallway. Please do NOT prop exterior doors open, as it causes a serious security concern for the remaining residents. Here are some more tips.

Who Moves U?

John's Pack & Ship

For a fee, this University-contracted vendor can receive, store and deliver packages right to your building prior to your arrival. Use of this vendor's services is optional. All transactions are strictly between you and the vendor.


Please be responsible with items you do not want. Either recycle them or donate them to someone in need. Complete recycling guidelines and instructions are available online.

Safe Medication Disposal

Dispose of unused and unwanted medications at the University Health Service (UHS) with the MedSafe take-back program.

Packing, Shipping and Storage

There is no storage space in the residence halls or apartments for personal property over the spring/summer.

Questions regarding packing, shipping, or storage should be directed to the Community Center Manager for your hall.

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164