ResStaff Application for Spring/Summer 2013


Before completing this application, review the descriptions of the positions and your eligibility.

This application is only for the Spring 2013 and Summer 2013 semesters.

Basic Information
Please provide the best number to reach you at.
Current Address
Additional Information
Positions Preference
Please rank your preferences for a Spring/Summer ResStaff position on campus (you must make a selection under the First Position Preference).
PASS Applicants

PASS applicants must also email the following essays to the ResStaff Selection Committee at

Essay Questions for Peer Academic Success Specialist (PASS) Applicants for Summer 2013:

1. Which aspects of the Summer PASS position attract you the most, and which will you find most challenging? Please explain why.

2. What issues would you discuss with a student who is distressed about earning a grade that is lower than anticipated? How would you respond to their concerns?

3. Under what circumstances would you encourage a student to consult a tutor or an academic support service (e.g. Sweetland Center for Writing, Knowledge Navigation Center, Language Resource Center, etc.)? How would you go about referring the student to the service to make your referral most effective?

4. How do you envision making the Community Learning Center (CLC) the academic hub of the community, and using technology to meet the academic needs of residents as a community of scholars?

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For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
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