Staff Testimonials

What do current members of ResStaff have to say about their experience?

Layne Vandenberg, Peer Academic Success Specialist, North Quad 

I joined ResStaff as a Peer Academic Success Specialist because I wanted to help tutor students through the often confusing landscape of academics and help them identify resources that are available.  Being on ResStaff has helped me become capable of empowering other students to be successful in more than just their academic lives!

Justin Anderson, Resident Advisor, Alice Lloyd 

The most rewarding part of this opportunity is being a friend, ally, or mentor to whomever is in need.  Being on staff has allowed me to better connect with and impact the people in my life.

Kim Ellsworth, Resident Advisor, East Quad 

My favorite part of being on ResStaff is getting to develop relationships with the amazing people I work and live with! Some of my nearest and dearest friends are people I met through being on ResStaff.

Jubek Yongo-Bure, Diversity Peer Educator, East Quad 

I really enjoy meeting and connecting with residents as well as bonding with other staff members. I also LOVE working with multicultural councils and witnessing the students' growth and awareness of themselves, the world around them, and social identities.

Adam Eickmeyer, Peer Academic Success Specialist, Northwood III 

I have learned more about social justice and my own identities while being on ResStaff than I learned in the entire 19 years before I joined. It's an experience that is difficult to conceptualize and explain to someone else, but I can guarantee that ResStaff provides the opportunities to grow in ways you never thought imaginable.

Josh Wise, Resident Advisor, Stockwell 

My favorite part of being on ResStaff is being on a team with a group of incredibly different people, yet bonding together because we are all working for similar reasons. I also really enjoy seeing the residents that I introduced to each other at the beginning of the year interacting so well within the hall by mid-year.

Mostafa Bendali-Amor, Resident Advisor, Northwood II 

I really like meeting new people, hearing their stories and backgrounds, where they came from, what they are studying, what are their hobbies. I always enjoy hearing a good story and meeting new people is a great way to hear one.

Brittany Jones, Diversity Peer Educator, Bursley

I joined ResStaff as a DPE because I admired the work/play balance and passion of the  DPEs my freshman year in Markley. The multicultural council they advised made me feel comfortable to be myself, provided a safe space for me to learn about those different than me, and have my first leadership position on campus.

Aubree Sepler, Resident Advisor, Alice Lloyd 

I joined ResStaff to embody my commitment to social justice, my passion for community building, and my drive to mentor rising leaders at the University of Michigan.  The greatest part is developing as a leader while watching others grow around me.

Kejia Wu, Peer Academic Success Specialist, Stockwell 

I have learned how to build and maintain friendships, how to adapt to new environments, and concrete leadership skills that are transferable to any job I might be in post-graduation.

Marc Biondo, Resident Advisor, West Quad 

My favorite part of being on ResStaff is being able to meet a lot of new and interesting people.  I've had resident from all over the world, and it has been very interesting getting to know them and the experiences they have had.  I've also made a lot of close friends through ResStaff.

Stephan Bradley, Resident Advisor, Mosher Jordan 

I joined ResStaff because I had a great RA my freshman year, and I wanted to help recreate the experience I had for my residents.  I have learned about teamwork, conflict mediation, helping people in need, how to best be a resource for my residents, and about people of differing identities.

Amber Gustafson, Community Assistant, West Quad

My favorite part about being on ResStaff is the daily resident interaction. Whether it's residents who also live on my hall or residents who come in for a package on each of my shifts in the Community Center, I love being able to talk to them and get to know them more and more as the year goes on.  I want to be able to positively impact the lives of students after me, and ResStaff is the most fun, engaging, and rewarding way to do so!

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