2015-2016 Housing Sign-Up


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What Is Sign-Up?

Housing Sign-Up allows students who currently live in University Housing to choose their rooms and roommates for the following academic year. Please read through all information carefully. When Sign-Up begins, you can go online and see which rooms are available in each building, floor by floor.

While we try to offer returning students a variety of great spaces — from recently renovated halls to University apartments — we can’t guarantee space availability.

There are three main Housing Sign-Up phases:

  • Michigan Learning Communities
  • Residential College/Honors
  • Open Sign-Up

For key Sign-Up dates, take a look at our calendar. You can also stay on top of all your deadlines by following us on Facebook. After selecting a room, you must submit your contract within 24 hours. Immediately after you submit your contract, you will see your confirmation. You must submit a contract, even if your roommate-to-be is the one selecting the room.

How Does It Work?

The first step is Sign-Up registration, which will occur 9:00 am January 12 — 11:59 pm January 21, 2015. If you’re thinking about returning to University Housing, then you must register during this period.

The second step is selecting a room.

The third step is submitting a contract.

The last page of your Sign-Up registration tells you when you can expect an email with your selection time. That selection time is the date and time when you can go online, browse and select your room. Your sign-up priority determines whether your selection time is earlier or later in the process.

What’s My “Priority”?

Eligible students who register for Housing Sign-Up will receive a selection timeslot based on the number of complete semesters (terms) they have lived in University Housing:

Housing Sign-Up 2015-2016
Priority Brackets
Highest Priority (selects first)2 or fewer terms
Second Priority
3-4 terms
Third Priority
5-6 terms
Lowest Priority (selects last) 7 or more terms

Students are randomly placed within each priority bracket. Students with later selection times will have significantly fewer choices. Even if you are in the highest priority bracket, you may not get your preferred building or neighborhood. Last year, all students in the highest priority bracket were able to obtain a housing assignment, many in the Northwood Community Apartments. Students in later priority brackets may have limited or no options, depending on demand.

Note: The student with the lowest priority determines the overall priority for group and roommate assignments.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

All undergraduate students currently living in University Housing who plan to be enrolled for fall semester 2015 are eligible to participate in Housing Sign-Up.

Students in U-M study abroad and co-op programs during the winter 2015 semester should contact University Housing to determine their eligibility for Housing Sign-Up.

Need a Roommate?

Our online Roommate Finder will be available starting January 14, 2015. You can log on, create your own profile and search the profiles of other students who plan to return to University Housing via the Sign-Up process. New incoming students and those who are currently living off campus cannot be selected as roommates.

Sign-Up Registration

To participate in Housing Sign-Up, you must register online between January 12 and 21, 2015.

If you complete the registration process, you will receive your selection time via your U-M email account prior to the start of the room selection process. Watch for emails from housing@umich.edu and take steps to ensure that these emails are not going to your spam folder/trash.

During Housing Sign-Up registration, you will be asked to identify your roommates and group members. We encourage you to begin these conversations prior to registration.


For full instructions on how to navigate the online Housing Sign-Up processes, view our tutorials with helpful screenshots available below.

Sign-Up With Roommates or a Group of Friends

When you go online to register, you must request each person that you want to be included in your group or roommate set using U-M ID numbers.

  • Every person you request must also request you in the system.
  • You can only register with one roommate/group set.
  • Every member of the group must be eligible to participate.
  • All members of the group/roommate set must be eligible for the same room/apartment type(s) so you should decide together, in advance, what your choices will be.
  • Every member of the group/roommate set must register by January 21, 2015.
  • All members of the group/roommate set must have confirmed status showing on the registration site to be valid.
  • Roommates who will share a room must be of the same gender.
  • Groups may include up to eight students and may include both males and females.
  • The student with the lowest priority determines the priority bracket for group and roommate assignments.
  • All members of a roommate/group set will receive the same selection date and time.
  • You will receive advance email notification about your assigned selection time, so check your U-M email account often.

If you are interested in living in a suite that houses 5, 6, 7, or 8 people, you will need to indicate your interest on your Housing Sign-Up registration, and your group will need to complete and submit a suite request form (pdf) by January 21, 2015. The complete details and request forms (pdfs) are found under the next section, "Begin the Sign-Up Process", under the sub-section, "Live in a Residence Hall 5-, 6-, or 8-Person Suite."

Students with Needs Requiring Special Housing Accommodation

University Housing strives to provide accommodations for students with disabilities. Students seeking housing accommodations must disclose disabilities requiring accommodation by completing the process described below and providing documentation as required in the review process.

Examples of different accommodations include:

  • Deaf or hard of hearing students who require a room with a strobe fire alarm;
  • Students in wheelchairs who require a room in close proximity to a roll-in shower; and
  • Students with a medical need for an air conditioner.

The Documentation for Accommodation Needs request form is available online. This form must be completed and submitted, including all pertinent medical/clinical documentation, no later than the end of the Housing Sign-Up registration period, January 21, 2015. Completion of this form does not guarantee a housing assignment. Requests will be evaluated according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by medical professionals on campus.

Begin the Sign-Up Process

Find the option below that best describes your housing preference and follow the simple steps to secure your place in campus housing for next year.

Live in a Michigan Learning Community

Michigan Learning Communities (MLCs) maximize the connections between your academic learning and your living environment. Each of the programs listed below is associated with a U-M academic department. If you want to participate in a Michigan Learning Community next year, you should contact the MLC staff for information and instructions. Students accepted into MLCs cannot request a roommate who has not been accepted into the same MLC.

Michigan Learning Community Location 2015-2016
Global Scholars Program North Quad
Health Sciences Scholars Program
Honors Program South Quad
Living ArtsBursley
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program Alice Lloyd
Max Kade German Residence Program North Quad
Michigan Community Scholars ProgramWest Quad
Michigan Research Community Mosher-Jordan
Residential College East Quad
Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program Mosher-Jordan


Step 1: Register for Housing Sign-Up, January 12 –21, 2015

Step 2: Select a room, January 29, 2015 by 11:59 PM

Step 3: Submit your Housing Contract, January 29, 2015 by 11:59 PM


Step 1: Register for Housing Sign-Up, January 12 –21, 2015

Step 2: Select a room in your MLC
Date and process to be determined by each MLC (with the exception of RC and Honors)

Step 3: Submit your Housing Contract, January 29, 2015 by 11:59 PM

Live in a Theme Community

Join a Theme Community and you'll discover a resource for connecting with peers, mentors, and campus resources. While there are no academic requirements, a Theme Community allows you to explore and experience the University with other students who share your interests.

As a member of a Theme Community, you will be encouraged to:

  • Actively participate in programs and events.
  • Work with others to take ownership of the activities within the Hall.
  • Have a strong voice in defining and creating the program throughout the year.
Theme Community Location
Adelia Cheever Program Newberry
International Impact
North Quad
Second Year Experience Stockwell

Live in an Affinity Community

Living in an Affinity Community provides ways to connect with peers, mentors and campus resources and allows you to explore and experience the university with other students who share your interests. While there are no academic requirements, an essay is required.

As a member of an Affinity Community, you will be encouraged to:

  • Actively participate in programs and events;
  • Offer support and encouragement for other residents in the living environment;
  • Respect floor members’ different motivations for choosing this living option; and
  • Embrace and learn from experiences different from your own.

These rooms will be selected via an application process. Request forms for these options will be made available as the application processes are finalized.

Affinity Community Location
Gender Inclusive Living Environment East Quad
Veterans Living Environment

Live in a Residence Hall 5-, 6-, 7- or 8-Person Suite

Each type of suite requires a separate request form. Forms must have five people for a 5-person suite, six for a 6-person suite, seven for a 7-person suite, and eight for an 8-person suite; all students' signatures must be included.

These rooms will be assigned via an application process. Links to each application are shown in the table below. All suite request forms are due by 12:00 pm, noon on January 21, 2015.

Suite TypeLocation and number of suitesEligibility Requirements
5-Person Suite North Quad (8 suites) Participate in the International Impact Theme
6-Person Suite Alice Lloyd (2 suites)See application for details.
8-Person Suite Alice Lloyd (1 suite)See application for details.
5-Person Suite West Quad (1 female suite) See application for details.
6-Person Suite West Quad (1 suite) See application for details.
7-Person Suite West Quad (1 bi-level suite) See application for details.

Step 1: Register for Open Sign-Up, January 12 –21, 2015.

Step 2: Complete and submit a suite request form between January 12 –21, 2015.

Step 3: Submit all appropriate request forms by January 21, 2015 at 12:00 noon.

Step 4: Submit contract by January 26, 2015 at 12:00 noon.

The suite request forms will provide information about when groups will learn if their request will be approved. Submission of a request form does not guarantee placement in a suite.

Live in a Residence Hall or Apartment

Step 1: Register for Open Sign-Up, January 12 –21, 2015

Step 2: Select an available room in one of the following communities (subject to change):

  • Alice Lloyd
  • Barbour
  • Bursley
  • Couzens
  • East Quad
  • Fletcher
  • North Quad
  • Northwood II
  • Northwood III
  • South Quad
  • Stockwell
  • West Quad

Triple or Quad Room Selection

February 5, 2015, by 11:59 PM

If you are interested in a triple or quad room, you and all of your roommates will select a room on this day. A total of three roommates are required to select a triple room; four are required to select a quad room. If you need to find additional students to meet this requirement, you may use the online Roommate Finder (available January 14), but you should begin your search as soon as possible. All roommates must request each other in the system prior to registration closing. NOTE: North Quad and West Quad "double in a 4 person suites" are not included in the triple/quad process.

Your contract (and your roommates' contracts) must be submitted within 24 hours of your room selection to finalize your selection for next year. Room prices vary; carefully review your contract price before submitting.

Single Room, Double Room, and Apartment Selection

February 10 – 12, 2015, by 11:59 PM

Available single rooms, double rooms and apartments are selected during this time period. If you need to find a roommate, use the online Roommate Finder available January 14. A very limited number of spaces in double rooms will be available for students without roommates.

Note: Select a room as close as possible to your selection time. Similar to class registration, waiting until later in the day will mean there are fewer options available.

Your contract (and your roommate's contract, if applicable) must be submitted within 24 hours in order to finalize your room selection for next year. Room prices vary; carefully review your contract price before submitting.

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University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Email: housing@umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-3164