Residential Community Centers

Welcome to the Community Center (CC), the heart and hub of your residential community. This focal point of information and activity brings residents together to create a more dynamic residential living environment. We invite you to stop by your Community Center to visit, get information, share your day and see what is happening. Throughout the year, you will find a variety of activities going on at the Community Centers so visit often. 

Munger and Northwood Apartments:

Live in Munger Graduate Residences? Visit the Munger Community Center page.

Live in Northwood I, II or III? Visit the Community Center at Cram Place page

Live in Northwood IV or V? Check out the Northwood Community Center on McIntyre Drive page.

Traditional and Legacy Undergraduate Community Centers:

Beginning Tuesday September 4, 2018
Monday through Saturday9:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday12noon - 10:00pm
Friday, 10/12/20189:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday, 10/13/20189:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday, 10/14/201812noon - 5:00pm
Monday, 10/15/201812noon - 5:00pm
Tuesday, 10/16/201812noon - 10:00pm
Wednesday, 10/17/2018Resume Reghular Hours
Wednesday, 11/21/20189:00am - 7:00pm
Thursday, 11/22/2018Closed
Friday, 11/23/2018Closed
Saturday, 11/24/201812noon - 10:00pm
Sunday, 11/25/2018Resume Regular Hours
Thursday, 12/20/20189:00am - 7:00pm
Friday, 12/21/2018Closed

Room Lockouts:

As a courtesy, each residential Community Center offers free temporary keycards or keys in the event of room lockouts. These need to be returned promptly.

If you are locked out or need assistance when the Community Center is closed:

  1. Contact the RA on duty for lockouts between 9:30 pm and 8:00 am. 
  2. Contact your RA.
  3. If your RA is not available, find another RA, your Hall Director or your Community Center Manager.
  4. If no community staff are available, please contact Housing Security Dispatch at 734.763.1131. 

Lost Keycards or keys

If you lose your keycard or key, please speak with the Community Center staff to receive a new keycard or key.

If you find that you are having frequent lockouts or have lost more than one keycard or key, please speak to your Community Center Manager for helpful tips.

Irons, Vacuums, and Guest Cots

Your community center may have irons, vacuums and guest cots available for your use. Please check with your Community Center staff if you are in need of any of these items.

Your Involvement

To get involved or to plan a program at the Community Center, please contact your Community Center Manager.

Lost & Found

Each residence hall or apartment provides a lost and found service through its Community Center. If you have found something in a building or outdoor area, please bring it to the Community Center as soon as possible. If you lose something, check at the Community Center to see if it has been turned in. 

Mail & Package Delivery

Learn more about Mail & Package Delivery.

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